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Susie Seekins
Susie Seekins

Is keeping up with regular garden maintenance overwhelming?

Have the garden you want without breaking your back or being its slave.

  • Let’s call it a garden party instead of a chore day.
  • Sharing tasks makes it easier.

Mt. Tolmie Garden Care
Beds & Borders
250-220-5212    250-812-6453

  • Mt Tolmie Garden Care
    Mt Tolmie Garden Care

    regular tending: planting, weeding, pruning,  dividing, mulching…

  • deer & drought tolerant designs
  • seasonal
  • monthly,
    or as needed

Each contract is customized to the needs of the client & their garden.

To Susie,
Thank you for your hours of care for our garden this year.  It is now in much better shape.
Best Wishes,
Bob & Maureen

Hi Susie
I just wanted to let you know how pleased family members are that the garden was so nicely brought back during my mom’s transition to her new home. Given that my sister acquired the property, my mom is now able to continue enjoying it from time to time.
Best regards and I hope you are enjoying the summer,

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