Ogden Point Revisited

The adventure is over.


It’s like putting training wheels on a bicycle – after I’ve learned to ride.

But that’s a selfish thought.  I do recognize that so many more folk can experience ‘the point’ now, so I applaud the change.

Ogden Point Breakwater  had planned the renovation for some time, so it wasn’t a surprise.

It certainly wasn’t a surprise that it’s more relaxed now.

And it shouldn’t have been a surprise that it’s more crowded, but I was taken aback by the number of baby strollers & dog walkers just walking along super slowly.  I couldn’t travel at my usual brisk pace! It was more like Government Street in the summer.

Thankfully there is access to the lower steps… That’s where I find the adventure now.  Pay attention to your footing or you may twist an ankle, slip into a crevice, or end up in the drink.

Watching the scuba divers enter the water, & the fisher folk doing their thing is also pretty cool.  But even cooler is watching a public art gallery in development….

Overall, I’m still happy, AND more people can experience the adventure – at whichever fear factor they choose.  What’s your call?

© SVSeekins and Garden Variety Life, 2013

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Coffee Grounds Make Good Compost

A few years ago I lived in a condo.  There was no yard to garden nor any place to compost my kitchen scraps.  Or so I thought….

Just down the street from me was the Compost Education Centre.  They taught me to operate a worm bin.  I know – – it sounds pretty gross, having worms inside my home, but really it’s pretty cool.  No smell.  Little fuss.  Lotsa benefits for the house plants…

Why send all that potential ‘black gold‘ to the landfill, right?

Coffee, grounds & paper filter
photo by SVSeekins

Aren’t I virtuous?  Even as an urbanite I can be environmentally conscious.   🙂

I remember being taught that coffee grounds were a no-no (too acidic), so those still go to the dump.

Bu wait!
Times have changed.

Chatting with Marika, operations manager at the Compost Centre,
it turns out that recent research shows that indeed the coffee itself is acidic, but most of that acid flushes out during the brewing process & little is left in the coffee grounds themselves.

So, it’s not so good to water your plants with coffee.

But it is ok to throw the grounds into the compost along with regular kitchen scraps.

Cool.  Imagine how much more ‘black gold’ we’ll be making now!

Here’s some further info sources on composting coffee grounds:

© SVSeekins and Garden Variety Life, 2013

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Duct Tape is My Friend

Cycling home the other day something in the gutter caught my attention. A roll of duct tape. COOL!  I like duct tape.

It is very sticky & super durable.  But this roll is special.  It’s bright Pink  🙂  Almost fluorescent. Counter to the classic grey color, this roll is noticeable.

It would be ruined if left there  😦

tool in the garden
photo by SVSeekins

Honestly, I did try to find the owner.  Street & yards: empty.  Pity.

I had to help  (as a service to the community)    🙂

An idea formed… The fastest way to ruin a good tool is to leave it outside for a couple of days.  And it happens far to easily.  For ‘leave’ read also: lose, misplace, forget…

The elements are not kind.  I try to avoid calamity by marking garden tools with something bright.  I’ve tied orange survey tape to them – – but in autumn, orange is common.  No good.  I switched to pink survey tape.  It works better.

tools marked with pink tape & ribbon
photo by SVSeekins

But survey tape is not super durable – – not like duct tape!

Now the tools are protected with the bright pink duct tape too.

What a happy story, eh?   The tape is rescued… the streets are cleaner… and the garden tools might survive longer.
Win, Win, Win.

Little things make me happy.

© SVSeekins and Garden Variety Life, 2013

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