cu - forsythia in bloom, garden Victoria, Vancouver Island, BC, Pacific Northwest

Forsythia Through Four Seasons

It’s taken a couple of years for me to really appreciate Forsythia in all seasons.

ws - Forsythia in April
photo by SVSeekins

Yes, Forsythia is at it’s best in spring.  Every morning through March, I sit with my coffee & ponder the coming growing season.  Peering out the kitchen window, my anticipation builds as the buds on the Forsythia show more & more promise.

I’m energized by the happy yellow blossoms in March & April.

Because each year I feel desperate to see any spring colour,  Forsythia will never be challenged over its prominent real estate between our driveway & the kitchen entrance.

For all that hoopla, it’s easy to forget about Forsythia for the rest of the year. But that would be ignoring the assets.

ws - Forsythia in May
photo by SVSeekins

In April & May, the yellow blooms give way to yellow-green leaves.  The shrub, like the rest of the garden, begins to fill out, supplying much-appreciated privacy.

ws - Forsythia in June
photo by SVSeekins

By June, forsythia is a steadfast background green and working hard to compliment the new flowers in the garden parade throughout the entire length of the summer and into the fall.

ws - Forsythia in early October
photo by SVSeekins

When the brisk winds of October arrive, forsythia again steps up for a more significant share of the garden interest.  The yellow, apricot and red leaves add lovely colour to the fall palette.

For Halloween, they’re even more vibrant.  No wonder forsythia has become one of our garden mainstays!

ws - Forsythia in late October
photo by SVSeekins
ws - Forsythia in late December
photo by SVSeekins

By December, Forsythia is naked again.  It’s not my favourite look for a shrub, but I understand that without the barrenness of winter, spring probably wouldn’t be as exciting.


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8 thoughts on “Forsythia Through Four Seasons”

    1. There has been a good deal of effort put into having some interest in the garden throughout all the seasons, but by mid to late November, it usually looks pretty barren. It’s nice that the warm fall has slowed down some of the decay…. Gotta love the west coast! 🙂


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