salmon wooden fence, garden Victoria BC Pacific Northwest

Artistic Garden Fence

I had to stop to admire this fence in Sooke the other day.

salmon wooden fence
photo by SVSeekins

Swimming salmon.

The lines evoke the feeling of motion – – the motion
of water
and fish.
I like the way the shadows and light shift & change, just the way they do when looking into water.  My hat’s off to this artist, Renaat Marchand  I’m a fan.

salmon wooden fence
photo by SVSeekins

I especially appreciate art with a utility, as well as beauty.  It’s not just art stimulating emotion – – it’s a fence serving a purpose.  Cool.  (My hat’s off to the folks who committed to more than a typical panel barrier, too)

I googled Renaat Marchand, and it turns out he’s made more art at Ed McGregor Park, just down the road from the Sooke Harbour Resort & Marina.

He’s even created the Mermaid Chair for the movie of the same name. It was shot around these parts a while ago.

Apparently, there’s another commissioned fence around about. The Lavender Fence.  I’d love to see it, but don’t know where it’s located.  Have you seen it around?

salmon wooden fence
photo by SVSeekins


2 thoughts on “Artistic Garden Fence”

  1. There used to be a very cool fence on the west side of Oliver Street (Oak Bay), a block or maybe 2 from the ocean. The owner had added all kinds of pottery platters and plates to it, and it was quite wonderful. Might still be there?

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