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Cherry Blossom Time

beneath a blossoming cherry tree in James Bay
photo by SVSeekins

It’s on a day like today that I’m truly appreciative of the kindness of others.

cherry blossoms at St.Micheal's
photo by SVSeekins

Dan Marzocco, from the City of Victoria, related a story from way back in the 1930’s: The Japanese community produced a fabulous float for the May Day Parade.  It won in both daytime and night-time parades.  They donated the sizeable cash awards back to the city.  The understanding was that Victoria would use the money to purchase & plant cherry trees around town.

Win – Win !!

The Japanese community shared a lovely memento of their heritage.  And now, 80 some years later,  I’m not exactly sure which trees are from that specific buy, but the idea sure has caught on.  We’re still benefiting from that gift.

Thank you to the Japanese community, and thank you to anyone who plants a flowering tree.

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cherry blooms in Beacon Hill Park
photo by SVSeekins