Toad Lily – a delicate flower in chilly october

It was chilly & the rains were back.  With the soil moist it was a good time to dig & destroy dandelions.  It’s my ongoing mission, to keep the flower beds free. A depressing mission really, because it’s a task that’ll never be done.  Regardless, and especially on wet days, I persevere.

toad lily bloom in autumn
photo by SVSeekins

On this one wet day I received a delightful reward.  A toad lily bloom.

A flower in October!  Woo Hoo!   I knelt beside it to get a closer look.  The poor little thing is so tiny & delicate – – but so pretty!

The starter plant wasn’t substantial when I got it from MT of the View Royal Garden Club during a garden tour in July.  I’d marked it carefully hoping not to weeded it out by mistake.  It had grown a little.

Now there was sign that deer enjoyed it too.  Little nibbles showed where more blooms would’ve been.  Obviously I hadn’t been as attentive as the deer.  Thankfully they’d left this bloom for me to admire.

Happily, the flower has lasted well over a month. I’m looking forward to watching this perennial establish.  It’s such a nice part of the autumn garden.


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