Songhees Walkway 9 Victoria, Vancouver Island, BC, Pacific Northwest

Songhees Stroll

Fighting a cold & an expanding waistline, some fresh air is  a lovely way to change my mood.

The Westsong Walkway starts in downtown Victoria, just on the other side of the Johnson Street Bridge at Songhees Point. It winds along the waterfront all the way to West Bay Marina in Esquimalt (about 2 1/2 km each way)

It’s one of my favorite urban walks because it’s removed from the street traffic.  It suits anyone from dog walkers, baby strollers, and lunchtime joggers, to bird watchers & photographers.

I particularly enjoy it because of  the variety of architecture, garden landscaping, and  hard-scaping along the way.  Nature gets the biggest kudos, but  I also applaud the Parks Department & the neighborhood for a job well done.

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