Snowdrops - January 31, 2013, galanthus, garden Victoria BC, Pacific Northwest Vancouver Island

Dangerous Intersection

Drivers are warned to be aware of a mob of Galanthus near the intersection of Fort Street and Leighton Road.

Snowdrops - January 31, 2013 B
photo by SVSeekins

Please contain your excitement.  It is dangerous to drive while craning your neck, trying to get a better look.

  • Pull into the next available parking spot.
  • Walk back to get a good eye full.
  • Do your happy dance.
  • Then continue on your way to spread the news.

Although this may be an unusually early & large riot, expect to see more popping up around the city in the coming weeks.  Continue to use caution while driving past these harbingers of spring.

© copyright 2013 SVSeekins

P.S. Here are some other snowdrop patches I admire:

6 thoughts on “Dangerous Intersection”

    1. Hmmm…. Is it OK for me to say its +9 here this morning …??? Does it make you feel better that it looks like it might rain ??


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