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Winter Yucca

Yucca in bloom
photo by SVSeekins

Because yucca originates in hotter climates than the Canadian west coast, I’d expect it to be in its glory in the summer, but I appreciate it the most during our drizzling grey winters.

In truth, yucca is pretty spectacular in the summer when it blooms… IF it blooms.

This photo shows a lovely patch beside a very busy road.  Local deer aren’t cocky enough to hang about there.  They prefer our yard.

variegated yucca w. flower buds
photo by SVSeekins

Although the deer have no interest in the tough leaves, the funky flower stalk is another matter.  It was only allowed to grow to the point that it was just unfurling to stand straight up & bloom.  Then it became too much of a juicy delicacy for the deer to leave alone.  So, no yucca blooms in our garden.

Still, there are plenty of other reasons I keep yucca around.

  • it transplants like a dream (kc gave me this variegated beauty when she was downsizing to a tiny property)
  • it’s fun to pass on the favour – I enjoy sharing the ‘pups’ that pop up along the base of the plant
  • drought tolerance
  • the shape & texture balances nicely against the leafy plants in the border
  • it’s evergreen & just does its thing consistently with minimal care
  • I can return the favour to kc – she uses the cut leaves in her fabulous flower arrangements
  • It’s a member of the Agavaceae family – and that’s where tequila comes from   🙂

On the other hand, Yucca are spiky & sharp.  I don’t usually go for plants that can cause me harm.  In this case, I make an exception for a couple of reasons:

  • I wear glasses – and that protects from a wicked poke, while also helping me see.
  • I always wear full sleeves – and that protects me from the yucca scratches if I happen to rub against it, while also helping me avoid sunburn
  • Yucca doesn’t grab at me like a rose or blackberry does.  I really dislike that whole clingy thing.
Yucca in the autumn garden
photo by SVSeekins
Yucca in the spring gardenA
photo by SVSeekins

In our yard, the yucca gets lost in the garden bed much of the year.  It mostly acts as an anchor as my eye skims over it in favour of spring bulbs, summer blooms or fall colour.

But it shines in the winter garden!

Yucca in the winter garden
photo by SVSeekins

It’s so lovely to have something to look at when so much else has died back into dormancy.

Yucca proves it’s worth as a winter focal point.  The variegated colour really pops in the grey winter light.

That’s the biggest reason I keep Yucca in our yard, and that’s why I like to call it “Winter Yucca.”


© SVSeekins and Garden Variety Life, 2013. 

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9 thoughts on “Winter Yucca”

  1. Great pictures. After 16 years of growing yucca’s, the deer decided to eat the leaves during our drought last Sept/Oct. I’ll send you a picture. I’m still enjoying them this winter too, despite the bites on the leaves. 🙂


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