snow crocus, woodland crocus, early crocus, Crocus in lawn 2013 b, garden Victoria, Vancouver Island, BC Pacific Northwest

Meadow Blooms 1 – Crocus

Crocus happily mingled throughout the grass!! That’s my happy place.  🙂

Crocus in lawn 2013
photo by SVSeekins
planting crocus in lawn
phot by SVSeekins
the crocus meadow in 2012
photo by SVSeekins

We started with a Dandelion Dilemma in the fall of 2011.  The chosen solution was digging out the weeds & dropping crocus bulbs in the subsequent holes.

After all that digging, the lawn looked pretty rough through the winter.

Then there was some tentative success with crocus blooms in the spring of 2012.  Perhaps the bulbs hadn’t had time to root well before winter came?

And the lawn still looked like it had been attacked by gophers.  I had hoped it would recover more quickly.

12 mnths after dandelion digging
photo by SVSeekins

It probably would’ve been better to have given that whole area a good layer of top-dressing.  But that would’ve cost more money & taken more effort, too…  So I didn’t.

Over the summer, the grass recovered on its own.  Isn’t patience a beautiful thing?

Only a few of the dandelions came back.  I’ve tried to jump on those as soon as they show up.  Perseverance is a good ambition in these circumstances.

Crocus in lawn 2013
photo by SVSeekins

Now I’m reassured that spring is on its way because the crocuses are here & doing their happy dance.  As sunshine beams down, they open up.  They quickly close when a cloud passes over.  When the sun caresses them again, they open back up.  They’re so whimsical & busy!

What a lovely reward for all that digging 18 months ago.  🙂

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P.S.  Here’s a post from another writer who did a very

snow crocus, woodland crocus, early crocus, summit park, crocus, garden Victoria, Vancouver Island, BC Pacific Northwest
photo by SVSeekins

a similar project, only without all the dandelion to contend with:

… and one from an established local meadow

PP.S. Here are some other meadow faves:

13 thoughts on “Meadow Blooms 1 – Crocus”

    1. I think that’s a great plan – – especially if you’re not fighting dandelion wars it’s so much tidier!! Just step a small shovel into the lawn, pop a handful of crocus under the grass & remove the shovel – – the marks disappear right almost instantly. Wanna host a tea party / planting binge in October?

      1. Most garden centers sell large bas of 75-100 in september each year…. but perhaps we might be able to have more control of the species and color with just a little more research. There’s gotta be a bulb supplier not too far away… I’ll do some looking into it

  1. The wonderful thing is they will multiply over time and fill your lawn with colour (if the squirrels don’t find them… :-). Nice post, SV.


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