English Daisy meadow MS, garden Victoria, Vancouver Island, BC, Pacific Northwest

Meadow Blooms 3 – daisy

English Daisy meadow WSO
photo by SVSeekins

My breath caught when I turned the corner along a wooded trail revealing this spring meadow.  Doesn’t it evoke images of butterflies & unicorns?

In my quest to ID this tiny smiling flower, I sent these photos to Saanich Parks’ horticultural supervisor, Kelly Mulhern.  She quickly confirmed my suspicions: English Daisy.

Kelly says it originated in Europe but has naturalized all over the world.    Although many folks enjoy it, “lawn purists” don’t.

The Cedar Hill Golf Course is home to this particular meadow.  Their white drift of spring bloom laughs in the face of the perfect golf green.

English Daisy meadow CU
photo by SVSeekins

I reckon it might be a new version of a sand trap.    The plant grows in a low rosette shape, almost making a cup; perfectly suited for catching & cuddling a golf ball.  And wouldn’t it be a bugger to find a white ball in this sea of white daisies?

The Royal Horticultural Society supports this daisy’s usefulness for planting in a wildflower meadow.  I’m with them (surprise surprise).

But the debate rages.  🙂

C says he prefers the even texture of uninterrupted grasses.  He’s one of those purists.  How about you?

© SVSeekins and Garden Variety Life, 2013

P.S.  Here’s some other meadow faves:

5 thoughts on “Meadow Blooms 3 – daisy”

  1. Hi, We have something similar here, but of course it doesn’t bloom till July, but it is pale purple. Like a mini wild aster but I only see it in meadows or grassy areas. It’s very short so the lawn mower can miss it 🙂


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