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Hens and Chicks – – & Roosters

hens & chicks cu
photo by SVSeekins

There’s something very alien yet oddly appealing about hens & chicks.

Is it because they cluster together in such a tight & tidy clump?

Is it because their turgid leaves are so different from the regular ones?

Or maybe because they choose the most inhospitable places to bring up their broods?  Check out them partying it up in these rocky crevices !!  Isn’t that the true meaning of ‘drought-tolerant’?  &  ‘well-drained”  !?!

hens & chicks on the rocks
photo by SVSeekins

I’ve admired sempervivum for ages.  To start, I tried to grow some myself but over-cared for them to death. (some succulents are tricky that way – – although I have a pretty good history with jade plants).

Several flocks were already established on the rocky mountainside when we moved to the Richmond house. I can just let them completely alone & they happily do their thing.  They prefer being ignored.  So I ignore them.

cu hens & chicks on rocks
photo by SVSeekins

The deer seem to ignore them too – – or at least they must ignore them enough that the hens & the deer coexist comfortably.

Occasionally I’ll stumble over a mat of the little guys, which gives them a good squish, but they seem to recover & carry on.  If any of the chicks are knocked loose, they just seem to roll down the hill & set up another colony wherever they land.  Cool.

They even carry on after being covered by snow, which we occasionally get here on the west coast.  I like a plant that just keeps on surviving.  🙂

Can it get any better:
– evergreen
– funky looking
– deer resistant
– drought tolerant

Oh yeah – – check out the hens & chicks when the roosters come to visit !!

hens and chicks and ????
photo by SVSeekins

© SVSeekins and Garden Variety Life, 2013

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7 thoughts on “Hens and Chicks – – & Roosters”

  1. lol love it….it down right pornographic later in the season! I have some right outside my studio door, and I always get a chuckle when I see them “in that state”. And you are right…I don’t do anything for them! Nice post!


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