tool in the garden

Duct Tape is My Friend

Cycling home the other day something in the gutter caught my attention. A roll of duct tape. COOL!  I like duct tape.

It is very sticky & super durable.  But this roll is special.  It’s bright Pink  🙂  Almost fluorescent. Counter to the classic grey color, this roll is noticeable.

It would be ruined if left there  😦

tool in the garden
photo by SVSeekins

Honestly, I did try to find the owner.  Street & yards: empty.  Pity.

I had to help  (as a service to the community)    🙂

An idea formed… The fastest way to ruin a good tool is to leave it outside for a couple of days.  And it happens far to easily.  For ‘leave’ read also: lose, misplace, forget…

The elements are not kind.  I try to avoid calamity by marking garden tools with something bright.  I’ve tied orange survey tape to them – – but in autumn, orange is common.  No good.  I switched to pink survey tape.  It works better.

tools marked with pink tape & ribbon
photo by SVSeekins

But survey tape is not super durable – – not like duct tape!

Now the tools are protected with the bright pink duct tape too.

What a happy story, eh?   The tape is rescued… the streets are cleaner… and the garden tools might survive longer.
Win, Win, Win.

Little things make me happy.

© SVSeekins and Garden Variety Life, 2013

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12 thoughts on “Duct Tape is My Friend”

      1. Great, I’m off to capital iron shortly for a few things. Something to add to the list.


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