Ogden Point entrance gate, Victoria, Vancouver Island, BC, Pacific Northwest

Ogden Point Revisited

The adventure is over.


It’s like putting training wheels on a bicycle – after I’ve learned to ride.

But that’s a selfish thought.  I do recognize that so many more folk can experience ‘the point’ now, so I applaud the change.

Ogden Point Breakwater  had planned the renovation for some time, so it wasn’t a surprise.

It certainly wasn’t a surprise that it’s more relaxed now.

And it shouldn’t have been a surprise that it’s more crowded, but I was taken aback by the number of baby strollers & dog walkers just walking along super slowly.  I couldn’t travel at my usual brisk pace! It was more like Government Street in the summer.

Thankfully there is access to the lower steps… That’s where I find the adventure now.  Pay attention to your footing or you may twist an ankle, slip into a crevice, or end up in the drink.

Watching the scuba divers enter the water, & the fisher folk doing their thing is also pretty cool.  But even cooler is watching a public art gallery in development….

Overall, I’m still happy, AND more people can experience the adventure – at whichever fear factor they choose.  What’s your call?

© SVSeekins and Garden Variety Life, 2013

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3 thoughts on “Ogden Point Revisited”

  1. It has changed since our last walk there. Looks good. Next time I visit we will have to promenade there again.


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