The New Look

I couldn’t sleep last night,  so I stayed up until 4pm playing on this blog.

Because it was a few years since inception, I reasoned that now was the time for an updated look.  Perhaps it’s a good idea to lose the green eyeshadow….

Please check out the site. New layout – New colors
– AND apparently it’s now friendly for all mobile devices as well as the good old desktop!

What do you think of the new look?
Does it work?
How’s it feel?

I value your critique!

6 thoughts on “The New Look”

  1. I love the deer photo as it reminds me of staying with you and thinking Craig was pulling my leg when he said look there is a deer in the garden!

    1. Thanks! That deer photo is one of my faves! We saw two deer up there the other day. I reckon I got within 3-4 Meyers … Got some pics on the phone… Not sure about quality tho’

  2. I like the new look and the blog on mulching- a distant thought for us in AB!!!

    Will it go up on Facebook? I like to share it with my peeps!!

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