climbing heather in Saanichton

Climbing Heather

climbing heather in Central Saanich
photo by SVSeekins

Perhaps it’s a new species of heather?

Certainly it’s the talk of gardeners in Brentwood Bay & Saanichton.

Now the mystery is solved.  Paul, the gardener, was in attendance when we drove past the other day, so I stopped to chat with him.

He says it’s just a regular heather that started to climb the ground wires of the utility pole.  He thought that looked kinda cool, so he encouraged it along by tieing the heather further & further up as it grew.  The ties wear out & fall off about the same time as the new branches mature enough to hold themselves in place.

It’s famous, says Paul.  The local newspaper reporter also stopped by for the photo-op.  Pretty cool, eh?

© SVSeekins, 2014

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