MS - Hardy Fuchsia in bloom , garden Victoria, Vancouver Island, BC, Pacific Northwest

Hardy Fuchsia – A Delight In July

With all my attention spent getting seasonal color through winter & early spring, I kinda forgot about summer color.

photo by SVSeekins
photo by SVSeekins


Thank goodness for Hardy Fuchsia.

KC gifted me with a lovely little shrub before she moved from Sooke.  She hoped it would do better in town, as on her acreage the deer over-trimmed it.

Happily the city deer in our neighborhood have other tastes.  Who knows why?  That’s just the way it is.

photo by SVSeekins
photo by SVSeekins

I divided her little shrub into several pieces, and started them in different locations around the garden.  They all survived.  Cool.

  • Deer resistant – mostly (?)
  • Shade tolerant – yup
  • Drought tolerant – that too.
  • And Hummingbirds love it.
hardy fuchsia
photo by SVSeekins

Hardy Fuchsia has become a workhorse in this garden.

What could be better?
Thank you very much KC.




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