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Street Library in Grande Prairie

Grande Prairie boasts a shiny, new public library but I haven’t noticed it during my visit.

street library, Grande Prairie Alberta
photo by SVSeekins

Instead, it’s this street library that’s charmed me.  Within a few blocks of my brother’s home in OBrien Lake neighborhood, is The Book Barn. Like the street libraries I admire so much in Victoria, this one reads:

street library, Grande Prairie Alberta
photo by SVSeekins

‘Take a book,
Leave a book’.

Grande Prairie is an industry town surrounded by expansive farmland. Perhaps this library’s host-family grew up on a dairy farm?
Do they miss getting up at the crack of dawn to do chores & milk cows?

Just around the corner & down the street is another gem!

street library
photo by SVSeekins

Small town friendliness must be catching.  I also figure this has gotta be a kid-oriented neighborhood.

street library
photo by SVSeekins

This particular street library has a sign that reads:

This library trend is so big there’s a website dedicated to it  🙂  It even boasts maps of street libraries all over the world!
Who knew there were so many?
Is your neighborhood represented?

I’m sure this is a sure sign that there’s hope for humanity.


P.S.  check these other street libraries out:

7 thoughts on “Street Library in Grande Prairie”

  1. There’s also one on Dysart, the next street over from mine in Gorge Tillicum. I’ll have to take a picture of it for you. I haven’t visited it in a while. Thanks for the reminder!


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