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Human Sundial

Sundial at BC's Government House
photo by SVSeekins

Sundials are pretty in a garden & all, but do they actually work?  How accurate are they?  And honestly – what’s the point?

Interactive Sundial 1/4
photo by Barbara Hansen

The other day I happened across an interactive sundial.

Interactive Sundial 2/4
photo by SVSeekins

It’s enormous – – spanning a broad intersection of pathways at the Ogden Point Breakwater.  The interaction occurs when a person stands in one particular spot on the giant clock.  From that spot, a shadow is cast across the clock.  The numbers around the edge identify the time.

Interactive Sundial 3/4
photo by SVSeekins

Yup, it works!  And go figure – throughout the year it keeps time, varying 15 minutes at the most.

Now I can time my walks along the breakwater, start to finish, without looking at my watch.

It’s fun & functional public art.   🙂

(Kudos go out to the BC Capital Commission,  the Victoria Harbour Authority, and artist Andrei Golovkine for getting this BC 150 Legacy Project done.)

© copyright 2013 SVSeekins

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