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amaranth seed head garden Victoria BC Pacific Northwest
photo by SVSeekins

Decorative and delicious…
a conversation starter in any garden.

Our buddy GB planted the Inca’s ancient grain  amaranth in his newly created front yard veggie patch this spring.  Since then he’s met more of his neighbors than ever before.  Who wouldn’t be compelled to ask about this striking stand of burgundy plumes?  It was top of my list when our families got together at Cowichan Lake last week.

GB's stand of Amaranth, garden Victoria BC Pacific Northwest
photo by SVSeekins

Like folks across South America, India, Fiji & China, GB’s  family enjoys the young amaranth leaves in their salads.

They also plan to  harvest the crop for the  complete protein, gluten-free grain.  Apparently it’s good to use raw in smoothies or cooked  in water as  a rice-style side dish.

GB gave me a stalk.  It made a lovely bouquet for a day or so, then drooped.  Another amaranth variety, Love Lies Bleeding, is even better for bouquets as its tassels dangle so drooping is not an issue at all.

Where would you grow amaranth – – the flower garden or the vegetable patch?