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Ted Baker’s Iris

It was so overwhelming, I didn’t know where to start.  It was my equivalent of a candy store. Where to look first?

Ted Baker's iris bed 01
Ted Baker’s iris bed

Our garden club was visiting Ted Baker’s garden on Saltspring Island.  He likes iris.  A lot.

Inside the Iris Societies BC & Canada, he’s a celebrity.  He was instrumental in bringing the 2011 American Iris Society national convention to Vancouver Island.  What a treat to explore his garden!

Who knew there were so many variations of iris?  It was a kaleidoscope of exotic blooms & colours.  With names for each plant, it was an enthusiast’s dream.

It’s too much to try to show you everything.

“Focus – Focus!” I thought to myself, entering Ted’s main iris field.  I decided to concentrate on a single theme.

Yellow.  I like Yellow, it’s a happy colour.  So, get ready, here’s only a ‘Baker’s dozen’ of Ted’s 250+ bearded iris.   See if you think the name matches the flower.

iris - golden ecstasy
iris – golden ecstasy
photo by SVSeekins
iris - dazzling gold
iris – dazzling gold
photo by SVSeekins
iris - leading light
iris – leading light
photo by SVSeekins
iris - pirates quest
iris – pirates quest
photo by SVSeekins
iris - catalyst
iris – catalyst
photo by SVSeekins
iris - aura light
iris – aura light
photo by SVSeekins
iris - tour de France
iris – tour de France
photo by SVSeekins
iris - Mexican holiday
iris – Mexican holiday
photo by SVSeekins
iris - pirate ahoy
iris – pirate ahoy
photo by SVSeekins
iris - crackling Caldera
iris – crackling Caldera
photo by SVSeekins
iris - dream team
iris – dream team
photo by SVSeekins
iris - solar fire
iris – solar fire
photo by SVSeekins
iris - sunny and warm
iris – sunny and warm
photo by SVSeekins

The morning visit to Ted’s garden was fun.  It certainly proved there was more to iris than those delightful purples that still grow (un-tended) in Mom”s & Grandma’s gardens.    Which do you grow in your garden?


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