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Public Offerings

It is delightful to see the kindness of others.  A while back I ran across a book sharing cupboard on the fence-line of a nearby garden.  Take a book, leave a book, help yourself.  Why not?  I really like how that neighbor reached out to the community.

fence-line cupboard
photo by SVSeekins
book sharing cupboard 2
photo by SVSeekins

Since then, I’ve noticed a few more public offerings.  The second book exchange was on a quiet side street.  I couldn’t help but smile at the happy paint colors.  Right on!

There was sign of graffiti past on the box, but happily that neighbor tidied that up & continued with the sharing.

park side sharing closet
photo by

And now I’ve happened upon another kiosk!  It sits beside the pathway of a quiet city park.  This one says “take what you need, Leave what you can”.  Lots of folk travel the path – and plenty exercise dogs in the big open meadow.  I’m so curious to know whether there is a turnover of goods or not.  I’ll have to make sure I walk that way again in a couple of weeks to see.  I have my fingers crossed that the parks department won’t remove it.

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