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Let there be Day Lilies

spring blooming Daylily
photo by SVSeekins

Day Lilies are easy to grow & are dependable spring & summer bloomers.  They’re also edible.  I’ve heard that the chefs at Sooke Harbour House like to stuff the blossoms & serve them at dinner.

Well, that might be interesting & all, but I still have a hard time even picking the flowers in our garden.  They’re just so decorative as they are!

Most often the choice is not mine.

sharing our garden with deer
photo by SVSeekins

For several years I’ve watched the lilies develop promise.  The bud just starts to turn colour, & I think, “Tomorrow it will open into a beautiful flower.”

It turns out that the deer think, “‘Today it’s at its peak tastiness.”

the Daylily bud has been harvested
photo by SVSeekins

Midnight snack.

This year it’s different.  This might not look spectacular as a botanical garden display bed of day lily, but in a yard that’s shared  with deer, I’m pretty excited to see so many blossoms at one time.

spring blooming Daylilies ws
photo by SVSeekins
lupin blooms
photo by SVSeekins

So what’s the deal?  I’m not really sure.  I haven’t sprayed any stinky deterrent around the place.  Perhaps the lowly day lily is just out of fashion for deer this year?

Yeah baby  🙂

One thing I have noticed that’s also unusual, is that the lupins have been nibbled instead…    OK… 

the fresh tasty top of the lupin is harvested
photo by SVSeekins

Lupins are easy to grow & are dependable spring bloomers.  Fair enough.  This year I’ll enjoy day lily blooms & consider it a fair trade-off.

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