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Is It Art?

solar powered compactor 1
photo by Barbara Hansen

Is garbage art?  Well, I reckon that even if the garbage itself isn’t, at least the garbage container can be.  We ran across this example on the Westsong Walkway the other day.

Kinda pretty, isn’t it?

solar powered compactor 1
photo by Barbara Hansen

It’s also kinda useful.  It’s a handy place to store garbage – and apparently it will hold a good deal of it.  It’s not only a container – it’s a compactor (and a solar-powered one at that!)

Esquimalt has used the ‘Big Belly’ compactors since 2007.  Considering that the compactor can contain 5 to 10 times the load of a regular trash can, it sure makes for a more tidy park – and for a decent savings in garbage collection.

It’s no wonder we’re starting to see more of these machines around.  I especially look forward to seeing more artistic ones.

Here’s a thought – where have you seen one?  was it pretty, too?  🙂

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