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Tree Peony Blooms!

It blooms!  Woo Hoo!!  And just look at how BIG the bloom is!!

young tree peony in bloom cu, Joe Harvey, Victoria BC
photo by SVSeekins

And durable.  This bloom is a week old & has endured rain several times.  Bonus!

I know Peony as an old-fashioned perennial.  There are several in our garden.  But Tree Peony?   Doesn’t the name sound exotic??  They’re a recent discovery for me.

in February 2012 I bought one from Joe Harvey, a local fellow who develops new varieties of peony.  So, this ‘tree’ is still a baby.  I’m impressed it produced a bloom in  its 3rd spring.

Now I’m excited for the future….

How much longer will the bloom last?…   How tall will the ‘tree’ get this year? … Will there be more blooms? … Will the deer leave it alone? (The baby deer are arriving in the garden these days & they’ll usually try a taste of anything.)

So many questions. Always so much to learn.  Isn’t gardening grand?

© SVSeekins, 2014