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Yarn Bomb

What can I say about this?

Public Yarn Art 1
photo by SVSeekins

Well, first, I said, “What the??”  Then, “Ha! It’s knitting!… No, wait – crochet? Hmmm.  Not sure.”

Public Yarn Art 2
photos by SVSeekins

It reminds me of a child’s mobile of the solar system.  How fun is that?

Public Yarn Art 3
photo by SVSeekins

Either way, how did they do this?  I bet it was a lot of work.  What a delight to come across along a public street!

Public Yarn Art 4
photo by SVSeekins

I couldn’t NOT smile, so I smiled – a lot   🙂

It just happened to be there one day.  Then it was gone the next time I walked by.

Kudos to those folk for sharing their playful spirit with me.

I like it.


© copyright 2012 SVSeekins

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