private - here be dragons

Dragon Alley Library

Down a long, narrow, brick-encased passageway, I leave  Victoria’s chinatown behind and explore Dragon Alley.

dragon alley library 2
photo by SVSeekins

It’s a townhouse complex built inside the shell of a big-old, historic building.  It’s a funky maze of teeny, ground-floor businesses with living spaces above.  This builds on the trendy ‘tiny house’ theme, creating  a hip, ‘tiny town’.

dragon alley library 1
photo by SVSeekins

Cool, eh?

And what does any tiny town need?
A library.
Woo hoo!   Another public book exchange.

Take a book.
Leave a book.

Imagine the adventures we can find inside a book we find inside the tiny library of tiny town…

I like the friendliness of this community.  I also like the whimsy.  Check out the spin on the classic “No Trespassing” sign on the stairs.

private - here be dragons
photo by SVSeekins

Here. there Be Dragons.

Yup, that’s the title of a book…
Clever, eh?

Or are there really dragons preening up on those super- envy -worthy roof-top balconies ???


P.S.  check these other street libraries out:

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