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Nix the Lawn 3

meditation labyrinth Oak Bay front yard maze 2 garden Victoria BC Pacific Northwest
photo by SVSeekins

Getting tired of all the work a lush lawn requires?

  • mowing
  • raking
  • watering
  • fertilizing
  • aerating
  • top-dressing
  • de-thatching
  • more mowing
labyrinth meditation Oak Bay front yard maze garden Victoria BC Pacific Northwest
photo by SVSeekins


Take some time to contemplate your navel.

A labyrinth is meant to increase peace and serenity.  What a lovely shift in perspectives.

It looks like creeping thyme is a fine choice for separating the pathway.  It’s tidy, low growing, deer resistant & smells lovely when disturbed.  I think it’ll be striking in bloom.  The bees should love that.

Simple wood chips make the path itself.

I wonder how often weeding becomes an additional style of meditation for this gardener? Or edging?  Those forms of meditation always work well for me.


Dragon Alley Library

Down a long, narrow, brick-encased passageway, I leave  Victoria’s chinatown behind and explore Dragon Alley.

dragon alley library 2
photo by SVSeekins

It’s a townhouse complex built inside the shell of a big-old, historic building.  It’s a funky maze of teeny, ground-floor businesses with living spaces above.  This builds on the trendy ‘tiny house’ theme, creating  a hip, ‘tiny town’.

dragon alley library 1
photo by SVSeekins

Cool, eh?

And what does any tiny town need?
A library.
Woo hoo!   Another public book exchange.

Take a book.
Leave a book.

Imagine the adventures we can find inside a book we find inside the tiny library of tiny town…

I like the friendliness of this community.  I also like the whimsy.  Check out the spin on the classic “No Trespassing” sign on the stairs.

private - here be dragons
photo by SVSeekins

Here. there Be Dragons.

Yup, that’s the title of a book…
Clever, eh?

Or are there really dragons preening up on those super- envy -worthy roof-top balconies ???


P.S.  check these other street libraries out:

Street Library

Clare Street Library
photo by SVSeekins

Got a book you no longer need?
Leave it here for others to read.
Consider it a neighbourly deed.

That’s the saying written around the door frame of the free book exchange on Clare Street near Oak Bay Avenue.

Clare Street pet water bowl
photo by SVSeekins

And if you’re out walking Spot, there’s a water bowl set out especially for him!  So, it’s okay to take time choosing a good book.  Mighty neighbourly, don’t you think?

Clare Street - creative front yard A
photo by SVSeekins

But wait!  There’s more!

A couple of residents are creative with their front yards, abandoning demanding lawns.   That’s my soft spot. I ogle one lovely garden for a bit, before the one across the street calls my name & I’m off.

Clare Street - creative front yard B
photo by SVSeekins

I zigzag back and forth across the street several times inside the same block. It’s good exercise.  Luckily I wasn’t run over.  Perhaps I have a guardian angel.  Or perhaps it’s really because of these thoughtful traffic calming features along this special street:

I have to smile.  These wooden cut outs have a bottom piece that slips into the top of the sign post.  Voilà!  Instant Pet Crossing signs.  These could be made for any street.  How about that!

Even though my street is only a block long, and a dead-end, it’s surprising how fast some vehicles travel on it.  Perhaps some of these s signs would do well around here.  How would they go over on your street?  Would there be smiles?

I’ve often noticed that the bigger the city, the less folks in public make eye contact.   Understandably, it’s a way to have privacy even when surrounded by crowds but I’m glad to see that in this city, there’s enough space for some small town friendliness.

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P.SS. I hear there’s a similar street on the mainland::