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Grape Trellis

The grape-vine was a delightful bonus for us when we first moved to the Richmond house.  By summer, it would look so exotic & lush.  Granted, its position was precarious as it was planted tight against the far right corner foundation of the carport – – the carport we’d marked for demolition.

the car port (grape far right)
photo by SVSeekins

We needed a garage.  We hoped to keep the grape-vine.

We kept the foundation.  The grape survived the big build.

grape vine survives the garage build (grape far right)
photo by SVSeekins

It even flourished when C set about growing tomatoes.  Roots had made their way into the tomato bed. The grape-vine appreciated the regular fertilizer & watering.

tomato bed spring 2007
photo by SVSeekins

Then last spring, we decided to extend the garage & add a new floor above.

Again, there would be massive demolition.

We’d try to save the grape from the perils of the construction.

grape vine spring 2011
photo by SVSeekins
vine on fence / woodshed roof
photo by SVSeekins

This entailed delicately removing the vine from the building and laying it on the rooftop of the fence / woodshed … before the garage was torn down & rebuilt.

I worried about the grape-vine baking on the asphalt shingles through the hot summer.  I worried about it being inadvertently damaged during the demolition, framing & stucco phases of construction.  I worried that it would be blown away during the wicked winter winds.

This spring, we rushed to put the vine back in place while the grape was still in its winter dormancy.

A beam was attached to the wall of the garage with careful attention to protecting the stucco & rain-screen integrity.

placing the first beam
photo by SVSeekins

Posts were secured to the rock wall of the tomato bed.  A 2nd beam spanned the posts.

the 2nd beam
photo by SVSeekins

Crossbeams were trimmed to size to hold the 2 longer beams parallel.

the short cross beams
photo by SVSeekins

Adding more side beams brought a recognizable shape into form.

the trellis develops
photo by SVSeekins

The grape-vine was delicately maneuvered into it’s upgraded position just in time for spring buds.

re-positioning the grapevine
photo by SVSeekins

Now fingers are crossed in hopes the grape-vine has survived & will provide exotic lushness to the courtyard again this summer.

Enerfab Carpentry did a pretty nice job, don’t you think?


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