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Nix the Lawn 2

More & more often I’m seeing samples of front yards without the classic patch of grass.  I’m glad some folks are brave enough to be different.

funky front yard
photo by SVSeekins

This property is on a very busy road, so I totally understand putting up a higher fence than usual.  I like the funky heights & angles, and even the color choice.  More than that, I like the effort to make the street side decorative.

And then it caught my eye…

front yard book exchange
photo by SVSeekins

What is going on with that stump with a door in it?

Check it out.  This is a new twist on a public library!

I think it rocks, how about you?

© copyright 2012 SVSeekins

P.S.  check these other street libraries out:

Yarn Bomb

What can I say about this?

Public Yarn Art 1
photo by SVSeekins

Well, first, I said, “What the??”  Then, “Ha! It’s knitting!… No, wait – crochet? Hmmm.  Not sure.”

Public Yarn Art 2
photos by SVSeekins

It reminds me of a child’s mobile of the solar system.  How fun is that?

Public Yarn Art 3
photo by SVSeekins

Either way, how did they do this?  I bet it was a lot of work.  What a delight to come across along a public street!

Public Yarn Art 4
photo by SVSeekins

I couldn’t NOT smile, so I smiled – a lot   🙂

It just happened to be there one day.  Then it was gone the next time I walked by.

Kudos to those folk for sharing their playful spirit with me.

I like it.


© copyright 2012 SVSeekins

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