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Street Library

Clare Street Library
photo by SVSeekins

Got a book you no longer need?
Leave it here for others to read.
Consider it a neighbourly deed.

That’s the saying written around the door frame of the free book exchange on Clare Street near Oak Bay Avenue.

Clare Street pet water bowl
photo by SVSeekins

And if you’re out walking Spot, there’s a water bowl set out especially for him!  So, it’s okay to take time choosing a good book.  Mighty neighbourly, don’t you think?

Clare Street - creative front yard A
photo by SVSeekins

But wait!  There’s more!

A couple of residents are creative with their front yards, abandoning demanding lawns.   That’s my soft spot. I ogle one lovely garden for a bit, before the one across the street calls my name & I’m off.

Clare Street - creative front yard B
photo by SVSeekins

I zigzag back and forth across the street several times inside the same block. It’s good exercise.  Luckily I wasn’t run over.  Perhaps I have a guardian angel.  Or perhaps it’s really because of these thoughtful traffic calming features along this special street:

I have to smile.  These wooden cut outs have a bottom piece that slips into the top of the sign post.  Voilà!  Instant Pet Crossing signs.  These could be made for any street.  How about that!

Even though my street is only a block long, and a dead-end, it’s surprising how fast some vehicles travel on it.  Perhaps some of these s signs would do well around here.  How would they go over on your street?  Would there be smiles?

I’ve often noticed that the bigger the city, the less folks in public make eye contact.   Understandably, it’s a way to have privacy even when surrounded by crowds but I’m glad to see that in this city, there’s enough space for some small town friendliness.

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Public Offerings

It is delightful to see the kindness of others.  A while back I ran across a book sharing cupboard on the fence-line of a nearby garden.  Take a book, leave a book, help yourself.  Why not?  I really like how that neighbor reached out to the community.

fence-line cupboard
photo by SVSeekins
book sharing cupboard 2
photo by SVSeekins

Since then, I’ve noticed a few more public offerings.  The second book exchange was on a quiet side street.  I couldn’t help but smile at the happy paint colors.  Right on!

There was sign of graffiti past on the box, but happily that neighbor tidied that up & continued with the sharing.

park side sharing closet
photo by

And now I’ve happened upon another kiosk!  It sits beside the pathway of a quiet city park.  This one says “take what you need, Leave what you can”.  Lots of folk travel the path – and plenty exercise dogs in the big open meadow.  I’m so curious to know whether there is a turnover of goods or not.  I’ll have to make sure I walk that way again in a couple of weeks to see.  I have my fingers crossed that the parks department won’t remove it.

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Nix the Lawn 2

More & more often I’m seeing samples of front yards without the classic patch of grass.  I’m glad some folks are brave enough to be different.

funky front yard
photo by SVSeekins

This property is on a very busy road, so I totally understand putting up a higher fence than usual.  I like the funky heights & angles, and even the color choice.  More than that, I like the effort to make the street side decorative.

And then it caught my eye…

front yard book exchange
photo by SVSeekins

What is going on with that stump with a door in it?

Check it out.  This is a new twist on a public library!

I think it rocks, how about you?

© copyright 2012 SVSeekins

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